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1. Control Scan provides security of the data within our database in the following manner:

Our unique software systems are protected through the use of hardware firewall that normally thwarts most unauthorized intrusions automatically. The firewalls usually prevent or inhibit access the unauthorized access to operating software by hackers. The web application is scanned daily for vulnerabilities by Control Scan, one of the best known web site security companies.

The Control scan seal is a visible deterrent to hackers.

2. provides security of the data modified, stored, and posted within the web site in the following manner:

All data to and from the web site is protected by a 256 bit security certificate encryption issued by (This is among the highest standards available.)

seal by

3. provides an additional financial security layer for the use of credit cards, debit cards, and account routing numbers submitted for financial transactions within the web site. is our payment processing gateway. All financial information is securely transferred to using their unique 256 bit security certificate encryption. is utilized by numerous online merchants and regarded as one of the top professional organizations providing this type of financial service.

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The seal is a visible deterrent to hackers.

As security measures improve, often does the general knowledge of the hackers evolve proportionally. It is for this reason we strive to remain vigilant and review often, and evaluate the need to increase, and perhaps modify our security as needed. These measures to remain ahead of all efforts of hacking, and threats, are fundamental essential to assure any reasonable level of security for all users within our web site.

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